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Tales from Middle-Earth


Na ez az, amin évek óta én is gondolkodom, hogy majd megcsinálom. Bár én nem kézírással, hanem spec karakterekkel, de ilyen papírra, bőrkötésben, eredeti angol nyelven, tele - saját válogatású - illusztrációkkal. Ezt konkrétan 2500 euróért kínálják...

* * *

Kép"This handmade book, The Tales From Middle-earth (its sub-title: Homage to Tolkien), contains the complete text of The Hobbit, the Fellowship of the Ring, the Two Towers and The Return of the King, handwritten in English by the Hungarian artist Hári Isván, which took him 3 years to do!

This volume features Bevel-Edged boards. The text of the original book is not only handwritten - but the illustrations are also repainted & redrawn. The printed copies of the original handwritten book are absolutly limited for few numbered copies. For sale is number 3.  

Each copy is leather bound (brown 'antique' color), with ornaments on the corners and clip made of copper. High: 20"/30 cm, length: 13"/22 cm, thickness: 3"/7 cm, total weight about: ca. 4 kg.

Each copy includes all the paintings (Hobbiton-across-the-water, the Lord of the Eagles, Bilbo comes to Huts of the Raft-elves, the Conversation with Smaug) & drawings ( the Trolls, the Mountain-path, The Misty Mountains looking West, The Elvenking's Gate, Lake Town, The Front Gate, The Hall at Bag-End) by Tolkien - and redrawn by the artist. Included are also the Map of Wilderland (by Tolkien) and the Map of Middle-earth (by Shelly Sapiro).

A special insert: the letter from Gandalf to Frodo that came to his hand too late in Bree, sealed with his ornamental 'G'-rune. This is handwritten for the each copy- not printed ! There are two more printed inserts: Thor's map and the letter that was written to Bilbo by Thorin."


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